Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Skin Food BB Cream

After sooooooooooooo long I've not write anything on my blog, I've decided to write again :)

For the start I'll review these two BB Creams from skin food; Mushroom Multi Care BB cream and Aloe Sun BB Cream.

The color that I get on both BB Cream is Color 1, which is perfect for my skin color.

Mushroom Multi Care BB cream consistency is a bit thicker than Aloe Sun BB Cream, a little harder to blend.
The coverage on both BB Cream are Medium, which is pretty good, still cover all imperfection and great for daily use.
If you apply lightly it is great for makeup base too

Mushroom BB cream is suppose for dry to normal skin maybe that's why the consistency is thicker, aloe BB cream for combination to oily skin
I've been using them both even tho my skin is combination. With Aloe my face foundation last a little bit longer - just a little bit. So I don't really see any huge difference on both products. Maybe it is just my skin...

Let me know if you've tried one of these bb creams


Anonymous said...

the Skinfood Aloe bb cream used to be one of my faves!! Love the consistency & coverage of it. Try out the Lioele line of BB creams, they are pretty good too.

Vonnie said...

Stacieee, I'll keet Lioele BB cream in mind, but I never heard of this brand, is it brand from Korea?

Mischievous Mack said...

I've tried them both, but they are both way to dark! Where did you buy them?
♥I'd love it if you'd visit my blog sometime♥

Vonnie said...

@Mischievous Mack: I get both number 1 (I), they turn out to be perfect color for my Asian skin tone.
I got them from Seoul when I was traveling.