Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Current Favorites

Skin Care Product - Face
  • Cleanser : Lush - Coal Face (Night time)
  • Cleanser : Clinique - Bar Soap (Day time)
  • Tonner : Rose Water
  • Scrub : Aspirin
  • Mask : DIY clay mask (mixture of kaolin clay & calamine)
  • Sunscreen : Biore Face Milk SPF 50
Makeup Product - Face
  • Primer : Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Serum
  • Liquid Foundation : Revlon ColorStay for combination/oily in Sand Beige
  • Face Powder : Love Clover Marshmellow Fit Powder in 5011
  • Mineral Foundation : Everyday Mineral original glow in Medium Beige
  • Face Powder (for mineral foundation) : Everyday Mineral Kaolin Powder - Sunlight
  • Blush : B'vain Mineral Blush in Ruffled, Gransenbon Blush in 01
  • Bronzer : ELF studio blush & bronzer compact
  • Highlighter : Canmake highlighter in 01 (great for highlighting cheekbone)
  • Contour : LA Girl Mineral eyeshadow in Desert (I love to use this to contour my flat nose :p)
Makeup Product - Eyes / Brow
  • Primer : L'Oreal De-Crease Eyeshadow Base
  • Eyeshadow : Any neutral brown shade
  • Highlighter : LA Girl Mineral eyeshadow in Heaven (Great for highlighting brow bone)
  • Mascara : Don't have any favorite. But now I'm using Eyeko Mascara
  • Eyelash Curler : Drugstore eyelash curler (no brand) I found this is better than my shiseido one, I know it sound weird but when I use the shiseido one, my lash doesn't curl well.
  • Brow : I usually fill in my brow using LA Girl Mineral Eyeshadow in Moonstone, I found it look more natural than using brow pencil
Makeup Product - Lips
  • Lipstick : Hardly use, usually just put on lipgloss
  • Lipliner : LA color Auto lip liner in Nude
  • Lipgloss : B'vain Mineral lipgloss in Tattastic and LA Girl superlicious lipgloss in Blushed (they are quite similiar in term of shade)

Whats your current favorites?


donnarence said...

i love elf studio bronzer and blush too.. :D

The Bargainista said...

Im such a huge fan of ELF and love that studio blushing bronzing duo...the blush is an exact dupe for NARS orgasm!! :)