Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunday Ritual

Every Sunday, I and my husband will eat dim sum in the morning.
We usually go to somewhere near our place but this time we went to Wan Chai, Sheung Wan, the old style dim sum restaurant.
When we arrive at the restaurant around 11:30am (I know is kinda late, we woke up late and took a bus) there are so many people waiting, the restaurant has 2 levels, we decided to wait in 2nd level, we thought maybe other people are lazy to walk up stair :p but wrong, there already have many people waiting....the worse thing about the old style is you have to find your own table...sigh** (x_x)

You see how many peoples are waiting for the table.....this just one side in 2nd floor.

OK, we are waiting at this table.....we wait like 30 mins to get our table :(

After we are seated, we order tea (Jasmin tea) and cleaning our chopsticks and cups

All clean :)) and ready to eat.....

This restaurant is all about self service, food, you have to take it yourself, as long as we see food cart, quickly go there and pick the food we like, if food to eat!!!! have to wait another cart...which like 10 mins apart

I think the foods are delicious, but the service is just so so. Will come again next time.
We spent around HK $120 (US $16) for 6 courses dim sum.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

that's a lot of people
i guess the restaurant is really that good,huh?

i ate in a restaurant almost like that too..

there are lots of people waiting...its so uber crowded but the food is good..

i think id rather have a take out rather than squeeze myself in..
i enjoyed my food better if the place is peaceful


Vonnie said...

lols...yah..usually I don't bother to Q-up for foods...but we already here so no choice :) and they don't provide take out

Askmewhats said...

oh wow! I just came back from HK and I know what you mean about waiting for your seats! I waited so long at Cafe De Coral too!!! Gosh!!! Those food looks yummy! but cart 10 minutes apart? OH NO!!! I'll go crazy!!!!