Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LA Colors Tube Gloss

LA Colors Sheer Tube Lipgloss - Jelly Bean

What can I say, the product name pretty much describe everything (Sheer Tube Lipgloss - Jelly Bean).
It is sheer moisturizing lipgloss in a tube form, and smells like jelly bean...:)
I looove it, comfortable to wear and long lasting. At first I didn't think I would love the lipgloss, I usually don't like scented lip products but this one the smell does not bother me at all...love it love it love it!!

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Fifi said...

looks pretty sheer. I love this kinda lipgloss. The tube packaging doesn't weigh my purse. I think I'm going to try this lipgloss. It's not available in Indonesia but I'll find it online ;)