Monday, April 13, 2009

L.A Colors Eyeshadow Swatches + Review

6 Color Eyeshadow Palette - Dreamy

Product : 4/5
Packaging : 4/5
Quality : 4/5
Overall : 4/5
It is a nice to have a palette. Easy to use, each palette contain light (highlighter), medium, dark (crease) color, except Eye Candy that has colorful colors.
Good pigmentation of colors, not powdery.
Packaging a little harder to open at the beginning. Crappy sponge tip applicator which is OK, I don't use sponge tip anyway. :)

5 Color Eyeshadow Palette - Tease

Product : 5/5
Packaging : 5/5
Quality : 5/5
Overall : 5/5
Love this palette, good pigmentation, easy to blend and not powdery.
Packaging, easy to open and the sponge tip applicator (not crappy) still in place upon opening the palette.
I will buy more of this palette for sure :))

Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow Palette - Bette

Product : 4/5
Packaging : 4/5
Quality : 4/5
Overall : 4/5
I don't really like this palette mainly is because of the glitter..lots of glitters...the glitter is not stick onto the eyeshadow when applied it goes everywhere, it has good pigmentation but still not for me, I don't go to disco and rarely go to party....:p
Palette comes with small mirror and 2 crappy sponge tip applicators.
I think this palette is good for younger girls. It comes with 10 different eyeshadow in one palette, convenience to carry around and affordable.


Colette said...

I want one! Such vibrant colors. Thanks for the swatches. Where did you get the palettes? ♥

Vonnie said...

Colette: I don't know where to get these palette in US. Maybe can buy them from drugstore?

Askmewhats said...

wow..the swatches are indeed pigmented and looks wonderful :) Thanks!!!!

Vonnie said...

Nikki: welcome! :))

Crystal said...

i like the dreamy palette because i like palettes that are already complete with a highlighter and crease color. yes, i'm lazy :P

Pinkeri said...

ooo i love the 2nd palette! rainbow colors =D... i want to order these now... hehe.. hey i was wondering how you get the "blog list" on the ride side of your page? =) i cant find it under "add a gadget" ? :(

Pinkeri said...

oops nvm i got it xD

~tHiAmErE~ said...

great swatches...

if i lift my shopping ban, id try & get some LA Colors. For the price, they are pretty pigmented.

thanks a lot for the review!

Blair said...

I like the first palette!

Chrissy said...

I ordered LA colors too, from, I can't wait for it to arrive! Yay yay. :D

my beauty corner said...

hi! accidentally dropped by your blog..hehe
i love the L.A. Colors 12-eyeshadow palettes--the "traditional" and "modern"; it has good color pay-off and the colors are matte which are perfect for the crease and outer lid (since i mostly use shimmery shadows).. :]
thanks for this! :D