Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love Clover

Another Japan products.
(from left to right)
Marshmallow Fit Powder, Non Oil Essence, Marshmallow Fit Base

Marshmallow Fit Powder
Price : 2,100Y (HK $180)
Product : 5/5
Packaging : 5/5
Quality : 5/5
Overall : 5/5
The powder is so light and smooth texture. The color I got is (5011) not sure if this is the color code :p
I love the cover design, so pretty....

Non Oil Essence
Price : Free (sample size)
Product : 3/5
Packaging : 5/5
Quality : 3/5
Overall : 4/5
I got this free sample size from the purchase of Marshmallow base.
I tried to use as a face primer, didn't quite like it. But for a eyeshadow base this works great!

Marshmallow Fit Base
Price : 1,890Y (HK $160)
Product : 3/5
Packaging : 5/5
Quality : 3/5
Overall : 4/5
The purpose of this base is to conceal open pore. It has thick consistency but after blending it, it goes on smoothly and cover open pore. The thing I don't like is, it only comes with one color. So for this color is too light for me. I have to use darker foundation to match my skin tone. Other than that, I find this base is great.

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Anonymous said...

omg I've been wanting to buy love clover for a loong loong time however it is not available here *siiigh* another make up frustration >.< good that you enjoy these products