Friday, February 20, 2009

B'Vain Eyeshadow

This remind me of Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact eyeshadow

**Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick Compact**

Bought all of these from Beauty Convention Last year.
Other than these palette, I also got baked eyeshadow in purple and baked blusher which is now became my HG blusher :)
I drop the baked eyeshadow and ruin it...very very sad :'( it was 3 in one eyeshadow, purple, light purple and white for highlighter now it is loose eyeshadow...I pressed some of it and it become like this (see picture) mixed of dark, light purple and white and it became light eggplant color


Cris said...

They do look a lot like the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks...I <3 the pink one :D.
And I'm glad you could at least sort of recycle your broken eyeshadow :).

Jae said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, dear. ♥

They look just like the shimmer bricks. How is the quality of these shadows??

Vonnie said...

the shadow quality is good actually. I'll do review later. (^.^)