Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Battle of the Eyeshadow Base

A = ArtDeco
B = L'Oreal De-Crease
C = CS Eye Poxy
D = Nothing

Eyeshadow Use
1 = NYX - Blue Ocean
2 = LA Colors Tease (blue)
3 = Makeup Factory (blue)


1. Smooth application
2. Scented (like man's cologne? is a turn off for me)
3. Pot Container (not so hygienic)

L'Oreal Decrease
1. Smooth application
2. Not scented
3. Wand applicator (will be wasting a lot of products, the wand could not reach the side and bottom of the tube)

CS Eye Poxy
1. Harder to apply, need to warm the product for easier application.
2. A little scented
3. Pot container (not so hygienic)

You'll be the judge :))


donnarence said...

thanks for the review.. the cs eye poxy interests me when i saw it on ebay.. but have not seen any review yet,, i use the artdeco e/s base.. on the other hand.. i like the smell..LOL much like an insect repellant,, hehe

My-My said...

artdeco is great. . . but yeah, that smell gets to me. but i must tolerate it.

I know that its about bases, but that NYX pearl eyeshadow really pretty! I'm really liking that blue. :P

but still. I like the approach to this review. good job!

Crystal said...

based on your review, i think i like loreal de-crease the best. but it's not available here :(

Anonymous said...

I think C (CS Eye Poxy) came out with the best colors. But it sounds like an annoyance to use =T

Anonymous said...

CS looks good! did you order this one online? thank you for the review of the eyeshadow bases ^_^

Vonnie said...

Gia: yup I bought the CS online.

Ai said...

and the winner is.. CS! i think? heard that L'oreal de-crease is good but never had a chance of buying it :(

Blair said...

I'm concluding that NYX's e/s is the best no matter the base lol ;p