Thursday, April 16, 2009

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation

I have Sand Beige and Buff for Combination/Oily skin.
I know there are tons of review out there about this product. So many people like and dislike and most of them with more or less the same reasons and I agree with them. So here is my thought about this foundation.

My skin type and condition:
Oily/combination skin, open pore on my cheeks, baby hairs all over my face (that make my face looks congested).

I tried few foundations before, from drugstore to high-end brand..L'Oreal, NYX, Makeup Factory, RMK, Clinique. They all tend to get oily after a few hours and didn't cover up my problems. whereas Revlon ColorStay stays matte all day and cover my open pore pretty well so I'm quite happy with that so far it is my HG foundation. Even though it seems to be a perfect foundation, it has flaw, by the end of the day I can't just wash my face with cleanser and go to bed, the foundation is like waterproof.... I have to remove it with at least waterproof makeup remover / cleansing oil (I use Biore)

Good coverage
Long wearing
Flawless looking
Control oil shine

Smell like paint
Bottle without pump
Dry fast that make it harder to blend or looks cakey
Hard to remove
Some people get break out after use (Might be because didn't remove well)

When applying: use wet latex sponge
When removing: use waterproof makeup remover / cleansing oil and make sure your cotton is clean before washing your face

Hope this help.


Anonymous said...

so far this is my fave foundation as well not HG coz I feel oily after a few hours but yeah this is my fave foundi. :) I fix the hard to blend part by adding shimmer base to give it a more liquid consistency (or colorless primer )

Vonnie said...

Gia, adding shimmer base? interesting...what is shimmer base? hehehe

donnarence said...

i am torn between studiofix liquid and this one.. thanks for the wonderful review.. i might be giving this a try.. i can't wait.. :D