Friday, February 6, 2009

Makeup Brushes

These are my brushes, still have a few not in the picture :)
All my brushes are made of animal hairs, I am not a fan of synthetic brushes.
I only use synthetic for concealer / foundation brush.

Eyeshadow Brushes......

Blending brushes, eyeliner brushes, some eyeshadow brushes

Brushes comparison between
[left] HK $1800(21pc set, around $85 each brush) and
[right] HK $300 (13pc set, around $23 each brush)

Left is $85
Right is $23
They both made from natural bristle and soft. I would say these 2 brushes are almost the same except their handled. The left one is a little fatter then the right brush, the right brush is slimmer and shorter by 0.5cm

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Abigail Clibborn said...

Very Interesting blog! I really like those brushes that you attach on your blog. I just wanted to add on my collection soon. Thanks for sharing this post!

Makeup Brush Set