Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Heart My Pimple Lotion

My face is not always pimple and acne free. In fact, when I was teenager my face was full of pimple and acne. Back then, I do a lot of facial that torture my face and cry every time my beautician pop my acne (which leave open pore on my face). And yet the pimple and acne is not going away. Until one day when my aunt suggest that I should go to see a dermatologist. I went to dermatologist and the Dr. gave me acne lotion (I can't remember the name, all I know is quite expensive for 30ml bottle) and after a few bottle of acne lotion, my acne and pimple starting to go away, is not 100% gone but is much less than before. I was very happy. Not long after that I stop using the lotion and I still have a few pimple on my face.
One of my friend told me about this Acnol Lotion, she said is good and cheap so tried the lotion and it really works, dry up my pimple and acne. I've been using it for more than 10 years. Every time I went back home, I will stock up to bring back to HK :)
I don't have many pimple now, but once a month 3 - 5 pimples will visit my face.
I always use Acnol on the pimple spot, my pimple disappear within 2 - 3 days.
I love this product!

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Melly's Preference said...

Hello, it's product really work??
I have same problem with Facial & Beauty doctor. It's already 3 month that I'm not do Facial treatment. The treatment is really hurt T___T