Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope you all enjoy your Halloween. I and my friend went to Central yesterday (around 11pm) for Halloween and we all dressed up. There are sooooooo many people, is really madness, we can't get through the Bar at LKF. We have to walk all around Central with bunch of peoples and finally it takes us 1 hour to reach LKF. Imagine from central MTR to LKF usually only takes 5 mins but now 1 hour!!!! We can't even walk, we were gliding........ Ok if that is not enough to have fun, wait until the time we want to go back home.... Can't even get a taxi!!!! we were circling around Central to find taxi but nill..finally we decided to take a bus.....take us 1 hr also to move around trying to catch taxi......(around 2am)
Finally we reach home around 3am!!!!
Over all it was fun.... Will I do it again next year?? maybe

My friend dress up as an old fairy ghost and spider web witch

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